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Ioannis Gardiklis is a sound artist, composer and electronic music producer.

He was born and raised in Athens and his passion for music began at the age of six. Initially, he attended classes on violin and piano in the National Conservatory of Athens while after a few years his interest focused on electric bass, guitar and synthesizer and took lessons in the Philippos Nakas Conservatory. He studied Electronic Music Production at SAE Creative Media College, partner institution of Middlesex University, and Multimedia as well. He has attended the Greek National Theater’s training workshop: Music Composition for the Theater and participated in the inter-artistic project of the National Opera of Greece: Transmedia Labworks “ElektraGramm, Op.58”. In addition, he attended a series of courses about music in video games organized by SAE Creative Media College and music in cinema organized by the Higher School of Fine Arts of Greece.

His main interest is on the range of visual and performing arts, composing music as a mean of communication with different art forms and exploring the relation between technology and music. His music compositions are based on natural, analog and digital sounds.

Among his most recent works is the collaborative, sonic, cross-experimental project “Vei Scale” with the artist Yoma Mot. A compositional approach to connection between electronic sound and contemporary poetry. In 2022, he also collaborated with the jazz pianist and composer Vangelis Stefanopoulos making the post processing and sound design of the album “Sonance”.


In 2019, he created the interactive installations “Moving Still” and “Non Space Timeline”. The first was presented during the avant-garde project “The Twelve Compartments” in one of the Train at Rouf Railway-Theatre’s wagons and the second in the exhibition of Kappatos Gallery entitled “Performance Rooms 2019” in one of the St. George Lycabettus hotel’s rooms.

Since 2014, his solo musical projects are under the name Electrohead, with which he has released tracks in collaboration with Audiokult-Extraordinary Records (Vienna) and Flexibilia Recordings & Publishing (Munich). He has also created soundtracks for art exhibitions, experimental theatrical performances and short animations.

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